Polar bear or penguin: 
pole change …role change!
Guy Giguère.
 Version française
 L'inFormateur vol. 3 no. 2, septembre 1998.

The Polar bear, this fearless and solitary king of the North Pole roams the white distances without fear since he as no natural enemy, except man himself. Using his sense of smell he can detect and aim at friends or foes miles around, namely food or man, on his known territory. Henceforth, our master of the white planes his limiting himself to his actual knowledge of his environment, not developing any other transferable skills, thus endangering himself in face of a grater change… a more global and distant change sending no firsthand smellable messages.
A bit more to the south we have the Penguin, living in a chosen habitat that leaves few friendly spots to others species. But peace and security comes with a string-attached price: collaboration, consensus tolerance, self sacrifice and why not, play. Sympathetic by nature, the penguin fears not man since he shows himself on a friendly note to this curious and welcoming bird. As far as change goes, the penguin is prepared to it by an overt and pro active exploratory behaviour: he goes where he can nourish his own survival cycle… through team work and adaptability.
So, what will happen with global warming and ice melt-downs? Where will we find king bear? Due south, forced to share a few garbage cans with his kin!? And our penguin? Used to large migratory explorations he will probably smile at this welcomed mellowing of the climate and share it with friends.
And you managers, if we were to replace the term "global warming" for "global market", where would you stand in comparison: bear or penguin?
With humour and seriousness at the same time, if you feel somewhat weary or in a phase of personal or professional crisis while facing this oncoming global change, please do contact us. Through our workshops, seminars, coaching sessions and other career oriented services, a well planned break from routine could give you the needed time to better foresee you future and help you enjoy the warmth of this global goal change in structures' climate.
No need to fear the beast, you will be able to bare with us since we're kind of nice birds to chip around with.